About Us
The LACFDA, founded in 1958, continues to grow by connecting people, resources, ideas, solutions and best practices throughout our industry and membership.

Core Values:
  • Advancing the value principles that guide our organization's behaviors and actions.
  • Advocacy on behalf of consumers and members.
  • Supporting the advancement of honest and ethical behavior within the funeral industry.
  • Collaboration with others in the interest of consumers and members.
  • Recognize the importance of education as a vehicle to enhance both public service and public image.
  • Dedication to community as agents of public health.
Membership Directory

LACFDA Officers
Fred Nalder
La Quinta Howard
Karen Washington
Sean Douglass
Immediate Past President
Jenna Moerk
Board of Directors
Mark B. Allen, Jr. Todd Beckley Kathleen McLaughlin Robert McNerney
Merrill Mefford Chanell O'Farrill George Perez Gail Taylor
Randy Ziegler      
LACFDA Counsel
Douglas O. Meyer      

Los Angeles County Funeral Directors Association
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